Friday, August 2, 2013

Ghosts of a Feather Flock Together

"We wanted to be bad boys, so we could get girls,"  Harry said.  Harry was a sidekick. personified.  He wasn't the best looking kid of the group, he wasn't the smartest. Mainly he was along for the ride and any of the girls left over from his most charismatic and better-looking friend, Jeremy.   Bubby, the littlest guy of the three, barely a teen, barely knew that he was dead.  He was having trouble seeing his peeps.

They had a tendency to fade in and out, to lose definition, to drift a little bit.  On earth there are three forms of matter, the gasses, the liquids, and the solids.  On the ghost side of things, there is only an image and a little bit of squeaky.  Most of the time, when you hear a creaking door slowly shutting, it's a ghost who is having trouble gathering enough energy to shut a door.  Once in a great while, you can hear a door slam shut, but mostly you hear the creaky doors, because  it's the best a poor ghost can do.

"How did you get dead?"  Larry asked the fading ghosts.

"It got away from us one night," Jeremy said.  They had materialized enough that the sound of his voice was clear.  "We were drinking and driving, chasing girls and having a high old time.  We were going to fast in two many directions all at once.  

A pause.

"But that wasn't it,"  Jeremy smirked.  

Completely odious giggles errupted from the three ghosts.   

"So, OK, I was teasing.  Actually, it was drugs and alcohol.   We're were partying hard.  And way over did it one Saturday night.  Woke up on this side of the curtain."  

Another pause while the three boys seems genuinely caught up in the grief that surrounded their lives.

"But that wasn't it, either,"  Jeremy laughed and not in a good way.

Really vile giggles.

"So, sorry about that," Jeremy chocked back the laughter.  

"You are increasingly dumb and dumber,"  Rick was exasperated.

"Speak the truth,"  Omega  wasn't laughing.  

"We drove off a cliff, backwards, in the dark.  Drove over a curb, over a sandy patch, then rolled down the cliff, we were dead before we hit the bottom,"  Buddy explained.  "I was driving.  First time.   Wasn't drinking, wasn't doping.  Just didn't pay attention to the warning signs."  

"Not the first kid to have that kind of trouble," Alpha said.

"Apparently not the last,"  Tim muttered.

"Now, we're stuck with each other.  For time and all eternity.  No girls either.  No wonder we're little stinkers,"  Buddy was  ever-so-sad.

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