Monday, July 29, 2013

Ghost Writing in Chocolate

The hairs on the back of Larry' neck stood at attention.

Cheryl had made a three-story chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  It was for later, but everybody, at least once, lusted a chocolate lust.  It smelled heavenly.

But it was Larry that spotted it.  An invisible finger was writing in the chocolate on the top of the cake.

You could see the outline of a word on top of the cake.  Slowly with a few corrections, the letters were formed.

"I thought you didn't believe in ghosts," Tim said.  "This ghost is playing in our food."

"Having ghosts is sort of like having bed bugs.  You don't really want them, but there they are,"  Rick said.

"I don't think this ghost is so very scary," Cheryl said.

"Why is that?"  Omega said.

"It's what he wrote,"  Cheryl mused.

"What did he write?"

"Yummers!. . . "

And then the ghosts started to moan, and worked their way to to banshee screams.  The wind blew like a hurricane—in side the basement of the church.  The couch levitated about a foot off the floor and spun around six or seven times.

"Okay,"  Cheryl said.  "Stop it!."

All four guys got picked up and flung  across the room, smacked hard into the wall, and allowed to slide to the floor.

"I mean it!" Cheryl yelled.  "Stop that crapola now!"

"Oh, all right."  The very walls groaned and the words could be understood.  It sounded more like low rasping moans.

"What you are doing?"  Julie barked.  "That's not even your real voice. We just wanna know who you are and why you are here."

"Three.  Teen.  Boys,"  the walls reverberated.  "Lost in the Cosmos."

"Did you get stuck between heaven and earth?"  Cheryl again.

"Oh, yeah,"  the walls breathed.  "We just wanna have fun.  And scaring the bejeesus out of humans is fun."

"Most ghosts choose to stay here, rather than go to Alpha" Omega explained.  "They are a little bit nervous about some of their behaviors, like knocking people into walls and scaring them."

One of the steeples fell off the church.

"Oh, like that'll get you home,"  Omega chided the ghosts.

Very creepy giggles rang  throughout the basement.

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