Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What The Waves Had To Say

Petey took to the repairs, crawling all over the rigging of their tiny ship, as if he'd been born to homemade ropes and  tall spaces.  Soon enough, on the high seas, they could steer their boat again.  The problem was this:  which way?  They'd gotten completely turned around, couldn't tell left from right, East from West, up from down.  They were pretty clear on what was wet and what was dry, but that's about it.

The   morning of their fifth day at sea they were caught in a dead zone.  No wind.  No tide.  No forward movement.  They were sitting on the starboard side, dangling their legs in the water.  Omega was off taking a call from his Dad, although nobody asked how that was possible.

Then the water began to roil around the small boat, tossing it here and there.  A massive green arm raised itself and pointed toward the East.  Then the shoulders were visible next,  surrounded by an immense red cloak.  The face of Neptune emerged from the Deep.  Although the kids couldn't see his whole body, it looked like he was fifty feet tall, soaking wet.  His other hand emerged, holding a three-pronged weapon, with barbed hooks on the end.  Thirty feet of his cleared the top waves, and he pointed toward The East.

His voice was so deep, the small sea shuddered.  "Follow the Tides," he barreled the words out,  "They will take  you toward the land and perhaps The Dragon will have spit out your friend as well.  Tell The Son of The Most High, that the Great God of The Deepening Seas sends his deep regards and his eternal respect."

And then Neptune sank back into the ocean waters and they paddled toward the East.  Soon enough, they could spot the in-coming currents and they put their paddles away, and hung on for dear life.
The sea was taking them for a ride.

Omega rejoined them.  "What did I miss?" he asked.  "Why are we riding the currents?"

Larry explained,  "Somebody who knows your family says hello."

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