Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Golden Vortex

Standing on a low-hanging ledge, Omega was peering over the edge at what looked like the spinning of a tornado, the top of the clouds spread out over the coast line and hundreds of feet over the pretty little sea.  Dusk.  The little tornado whipped up the dust and small green leaves.  Like any view from the top of a mountain or off the face of a cliff, something mesmerizing invited a big jump into the scary.

The sun, sinking into the West, lighted Omega's skin and face, which was the color of caramel and his hair, which was dark.  The beginning of a beard gave his face the content of mystery.  Nearly six and a half feet tall, Omega was almost graceful, but there were plenty of pratfalls yet. His feet were big, nearly size thirteen.  It looked like he might be good for another six inches. He was in the clumsy but cute stage, there was the possibility for real gorgeousness.   He could top out at seven feet tall.  Jumping off the ledge didn't look like a good idea at the time, but seriously, Omega was contemplating a jump.

Over he went.

"Oh, crap!"  Petey yelled.  "Don't you go without me!  There's no telling what's out there. . ."  And he jumped.

That left John-John and six other kids  wondering what in the world they should be doing.  "We could sit here and twiddle our thumbs.  Or, oh heck."  John-John grabbed Larry's hand, who grabbed Cheryl's hand, who hooked arms with Tim, who grabbed Rick.  Julie and Suzie grabbed their boys.  In tiny, baby steps, they edged toward the ledge.  Then.   Then they were gone.

The wind howled, then screamed, then moaned,  and then it whistled.  There were no teens left to be seen.

They had jumped into a golden vortex, and the wind  spun clockwise, which created such upset tummies.  They were in a massive kaleidoscope, with the colors of sunset whirling around them, flashing lights, lightning, spots lights.  It tossed them, six ways to Sunday, and they no longer knew which way was up, which way was down, or if there was a way in or out.  The sound was enough to wreck their ear-drums.

Then they were spit out.  On a lonely, warward island with palm trees and white sand.  The sprawled on the beach, and were quietly, prone until the dizziness passed.   Which is did.  Eventually.

Gingerly they sat up.  John-John and the six kid were in a heap.  It was sorta awkward.

"Do you know where we are?"  Rick asked.

"Nope,"  Omega said.

"Do you know when we are?"  Suzie asked.

"Nope,"  Omega said.

Petey found a bowl, a ceramic, hand-made bowl, painted a bright blue, with symbols around it's middle.  "Hey," Petey said.  "These are the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega."

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