Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Something About Jesus as a Kid

I want to write a story.  And I want you to help me.  Particularly if you are a kid.

I'm sorta churchy, so I want to write about God, His son, and the buddies.  Something that's never been written before, something, rarely, if ever, considered.  I'm gonna give them some new names so you know that the stories are made up. Alpha, for the Big Guy.  Omega, for The Son, for Jesus.

Here's the thing, Omega is about sixteen, so his powers are not so well developed, and his wisdom is yet to fall into place.  He has a temper, he like girls, he likes stories, he likes to play games and jokes,  and sometimes healings happen which leaves him feeling flummoxed.  That's a word that means you are deeply surprised and you don't quite believe your eyes.  Things are not settled for him.  He has to choose whether he wants to follow in His Dad's footsteps or go his own way.

His Dad, Alpha, just likes him.  His Mom is always on his case.  Petey and John-John are  his best buds, but  Petey is a loose canon, and John-John is very serious and very smart,  you know what that means.

But Omega understands that sometimes kids can get into trouble.  Sometimes it is bad.  Sometimes it is real bad.  His job is to help them.

Since we are letting our imaginations tumble, we'll go to anytime and anyplace, we can go to other planets or other times.    The kids he helps can be quirky and unpredictable,  they can be a little stuffy and maybe sure-footed, they can be beautiful or not,  they can be pudgy  or skinny or somewhere in between.  They are not perfect.  Sometimes they will be funny.  We'll follow a story for awhile, until it resolves, and then we'll start a new one.

Here's where you can help:  you can suggest places and time, you can suggest characters, you can suggest plot and plot twists.  Leave your suggestions in the comments box.  You can also share your art work—somebody is going to have to decide what Jesus looked like at sixteen.  Or your photography.  Music maybe, if I can figure out the technology.

I'm the mom here, so there is one rule.  We respect everybody.  If something isn't respect, it'll just go away.  This is mainly and primarily fun, so I can't pay you.  But if I was a betting woman, and it turns out I am,  I'm betting that this will be completely wonderful.

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